You can book your Wedding imaging with confidence. If the continuing crisis forces you to postpone we'll make every effort to meet your new date. You won't lose your deposit as a result of any official restrictions.

If you wish to go ahead with a wedding under the present conditions please see this page.

All consultation or pre-sales meetings are now held on-line: see here for details.

If you are forced to hold your Ceremony and Reception on different dates we will make every effort to accommodate this at no extra cost.

Government Guidance for Weddings

The Government's guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships is here but note that this does not apply to religious ceremonies where the more general advice applies.

From our point of view the key messages for events held in England and Wales include:

  • ceremonies should be as short as reasonably possible;
  • no more than 30 people should be present regardless of their function;
  • receptions are discouraged and limited to two households indoors;
  • no food or drink should be consumed;
  • rings should be handled by as few people as possible and hands washed before and after;
  • ceremonies should be quiet affairs without singing, blown instruments or raised voices;
  • social distancing measures must be in place.


If you have concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch.