We video record your drama, dance or other production using multiple cameras and in surround sound, edit the footage then prepare discs or other media.

We charge a flat fee for the recording (typically £300).

Your final product can take the form of a downloadable digital file: there is more about this here.

If you would prefer disc media we charge a small amount for each disc in a library case with insert.

You may prefer to produce your own from our master.

You are then free to sell copies priced to cover your costs and/or fundraise.


If you have a lecture, event or lesson which you would like to share with others we can record this using multiple cameras and produce disc media or files for computer use.

Optionally we can:

  • avoid showing students' faces;
  • add sub-titling, diagrams or technical inserts;
  • display time code to make it easy to locate items.