If you have a Wedding Video which was recorded some time ago you may wish to have it enhanced using a variety of techniques. We can transfer footage from VHS video, Standard 8mm or Super 8mm film to video.

Techniques We May Use


The edges of your video are sharpened to give a cleaner look.


This treatment may give the impression of greater clarity though the image may be less accurate: obviously it cannot add back detail which is not present in the original.

Colour Correction

It may be possible to correct for colour aberrations such as those caused by incorrect white balance.

Removal of unwanted frames

Frames which are unviewable or too poor to be worth the transfer will be removed.


Titlling can be added for decoration or to preserve information about the recorded events.

Music and Sound

Where appropriate music can be added,- perhaps in place of a poor sound track; again sound effects can be added where there is none in the original, perhaps as the result of an earlier transfer from film.

Selective Transfer

If you would like some but not all of the recording transferred to another format you can list the timings and we will respect these in making the transfer. We can make an initial transfer with timecode to help you if you wish.

Concise Edit

Wedding videos can be too long when showing them to friends: we can edit the original down - for example to the length of a song of your choice or to a number of minutes of your choosing - and tailor the shots to the rhythm of your chosen track to bring the event back to life.

We can't actually improve the technical quality of the original image, of course, as this is determined by the equipment used to make the recording but we aim to improve your viewing experience.

We cannot guarantee the success of all enhancement techniques as this depends on the nature of your recording and as such is beyond our control but we will make every effort to produce a pleasing result.

"it was quick, I was kept informed all the way - a breath of fresh air"

Cindy Ahura, Aylesbury

"Received hard drive back today. I must say I am very impressed that is one unbelievable turnaround. I wish all companies were as professional and as organised as you"

Paul Bielby, Darlington