We may need to provide you with an individualised quotation as we cannot anticipate the nature of your event or what it will entail.

Here is a typical 'show' scenario followed by some sample quotations for other types of event.


Shows, Plays, Dance or other Public Events,

These could be videorecorded at no cost to yourself. You may be able to use the discs to raise funds.

We charge a fixed fee of, typically, £250, though this depends on the nature of your event, and then £3 per D.V.D. or £5 per BluRay disc.

You decide how much to charge your customers per disc either to break even or raise funds.

Obviously, the more copies sold, the smaller our fees are as a proportion of the total and more funds you raise.


Example Quotation #1 : Working to a deadline

A national newspaper with an online presence hired us to record interviews and an event less than 10 miles away at half an hour's notice around 10:00 on a Monday morning. Our presence at the event lasted around 90 minutes and was followed by four hours of editing. A low resolution version of the four minute documentary was submitted by about 16:00 and, once cleared with their editor, the final version was uploaded an hour later.

For this we charged £300.


Example Quotation #2 : Relaxed deadline

A school 40 miles distant booked us at a week's notice to record a drama production. Our presence at the event lasted around 6 hours, taking in both dress rehearsal and show and was followed by three days of editing. The school required the production of 60+ discs for onward sale.

For this we charged £250 plus £3 per DVD copy.


Example Quotation #3 : Relaxed Deadline

An entrepreneur asked for interviews, seminars, city views and venue exteriors to be combined into a five minute promotional video for his website.

For this we charged £300: no physical media being involved.


Example Quotation #4 : Working to a Deadline

A business asked us to video record a seminar featuring four one-hour lectures for web use. We were asked only to record this using two cameras and then supply the media for editing. Had we edited the material we would have charged £300.

For this we charged £200: no physical media being involved.


We can produce DVDs, BluRay discs or computer file downloads.